COVID Lock-down Protest

May 1, 2023 admin01 0

OWA UK took part in a peaceful protest conducted from 08/10/20 – 15/10/20 during COVID lock-down. We were only allowed to have six women per day due to the government restrictions. Throughout the first seven […]

Parliament week event

October 22, 2017 admin01 0

Oromo Women’s Association UK (OWA UK) is inviting all Oromo, friends of Oromo and UK public to the event organised to take part in UK Parliament week in Nov. 2017 OWA UK is taking part […]

Calling all Oromo women

March 4, 2017 admin01 0

Waamicha Kabaja Dubartotaf shamarran Oromo UK maraaf Waldaan Dubartota Oromo UK dubartotaf Shamarran Biyya UK jiraatan maraaf buna waliin dhuguudhaan mari’achuuf waamicha dabarsaa Guyyaa: 25/03/2017 Sa’a: 2 pm – 5 pm Bakka walgahil: Manor Garden […]

OWA UK timeline

October 2, 2016 admin01 0

Oromo Women’s Association (OWA UK) performance report up to date: July 2016 Launched on 01/02/2014 Had few management committee meetings face to face: 22/03/14, 18/04/14, and 31/10/15. Discussion and decisions were mostly made over the […]

Mission Statement

July 2, 2016 admin01 0

Our mission is to strengthen, empower and liberate Oromo women’s mind from all forms discrimination against them and better their life. Purpose: To campaign against stereotypes & any forms of oppressive cultural practices against Oromo […]