The establishment of OWA UK branches across the UK

The purpose of establishing a branch in different parts of UK:

p1030590OWA UK has responsibility to establish a branch in different parts of UK in order to attract more members and empower women. There are populated Oromo women settled in different parts of UK such as Manchester, West Midlands, Brighton and, Yorkshire. Many Oromo women are mothers. In addition, due to financial reasons travelling can be difficult for them and is time consuming.

Creating OWA UK branches in different part of the country is crucial for the following reasons:

  1. To include all Oromo women who work and live in different parts of UK and to make OWA UK stronger
  2. To give Oromo women the opportunity to join OWA UK and tackle oppressive cultures which impacts on women’s mental and physical health wellbeing and all forms of discrimination against women.
  3. The creation of OWA UK enables local Oromo women to come together and create local activities that promote OWA UK objects; to organise workshops, training courses, embrace good culture and to establish a Oromo women drop in centres across the Country.
  4. Local branches will be able to apply for funding to the local authority where the branch is created
  5. Distance: It is impossible to expect Oromo women to come and attend ameeting in London from Manchester, Yorkshire or Birmingham/West Midlands. It applies to Oromo women who live in London as well. It will be difficult for Oromo women who live in London to attend a meeting in Manchester or Birmingham.

In all the branches OWA UK need to nominate talented women who are committed and have creative ideas.

OWA UK Branches formation dates:

  • 17/10/2015 West Midland OWA UK branch
  • 14/05/2016 Manchester/Bolton OWA UK branch
  • 06/08/2016 London OWA UK Branch

OWA UK branch is accountable to OWA UK Management Committee. In the near future OWA UK management committee will be re-elected to include the entire new OWA UK branches.