Mission Statement

Our mission is to strengthen, empower and liberate Oromo women’s mind from all forms discrimination against them and better their life.

Purpose: To campaign against stereotypes & any forms of oppressive cultural practices against Oromo women in order to maintain their physical and mental health wellbeing.

It is also to facilitate leisure activities for Oromo women and establish a network with other sister organisations

We advocate for girls education, peace, equality and justice

Who we are:

We Oromo women belong to one of the largest nation in East of Africa called Oromo

‘The Oromo are descendants of the Eastern-Kushitie group of people indigenous to the Horn of Africa, with a population of over 40 million, which makes them one of the largest indigenous peoples of East Africa.’

Our land is Oromia and the language is Orommiffa or Affaan Oromo

Oromo women make up 50 % of the Oromo population

We write and read in quubee

Our religion is waqqefata, none believer, Muslim and Christian

Facts about Oromo People:

Historically and even to day in some areas of Oromia, Oromo people have indigenous democratic system called Gadaa system. This system does not allow women in the hierarchy. Women are not allowed to vote or to be voted.

Oromo women formed SQQEE that symbolises their sisterhood and solidarity to maintain their rights in the Oromo society

SIQQEE symbolises women’s right, peace and justice. SIQQEE is a stick that mothers give to a daughter for generation on the day she gets married. Oromo women grab their SIQQEE and leave the house if her husband violates Oromo woman’s right. In other word if Oromo wife experience domestic violence by her husband. They will not return to their house until peace is maintained and the person who violated woman’s right is punished.

At present Gadaa system is under further research to be modernised to include Oromo women. This is a credit to Oromo women’s struggle for equality.